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What is a "QuiBall" Conflict?
  • "QuiBall" is the name of the Conflict Resolution system used by Kindren Tree Members.
  • It's designed as a creative collaboration between conflicting parties to solve problems. Campus Haven Councils process each Quib Conflict like a coach helping its players to reach an ideal resolution.
  • The Plaintiff party is the "Pitcher" who pitches a reasonable "Quib" problem to the defendant "Catcher" party who must then use community resources to solve the issue. A good Resolution can bring rewards for everyone involved.
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I'm NOT a Member. How do I submit a Conflict?
  • First, go to the personal web link found on the profile page of the Branch to which you wish to pitch the problem.
  • Contact the Branch admins through the information provided on their community homepage. They can give you a special passcode link to an online form where you enter information describing the problem. The Haven Council will choose to either process the submitted Conflict or reject it as a failed Pitch.
  • NOTE: There may be a non-refundable fee for the Haven Council to process non-Member disputes.
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