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What is a Grassroots Education?
  • Grassroots Learning is a creative lifestyle focused on social development & the constant sharing of skills & knowledge.
  • Member groups manage educational workshops called "Lesson Tracks". They earn Aptitude points from their published cultivation of community skills.
  • Social learning points are connected to a team-oriented incentive network that explores the full potential of community members.
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Why would Grassroots Learning succeed?
  • Lesson Workshops develop local learning initiatives while organizing team efforts around the immediate needs of the community.
  • Teams must prove their progressive aptitude by keeping a portfolio record of project experiences and shared lessons.
  • This system is designed around efficiently conserving time, effort and financial resources for maximum effect with minimal waste.
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How do you measure Educational Progress?
  • Aptitude Points and Mission Medals are some of the attributes earned for managing Lesson workshops.
  • These marks have 4 ranking levels of progressive skill: Student, Trainee, Expert and Professor.
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What are Specialty Skill Aptitudes?
  • These "Spell" points range from 1 to 360 and track the progressive growth of a particular Skill applied to serving the community.
  • Lesson admins earn each point by managing a learning Event with enough ranked participants to qualify for a single point upgrade.
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What are Spelling Days?
  • Each Specialty Skill ("Spell") category and Mission Medal is grouped under a classification system using days of the week from Monday to Saturday.
  • This framework is inspired by the MLX story project and it reflects the cyclical nature of our learning method. The "Sunday" category is reserved for administrative tasks.
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What are Mission Medals?
  • Medals are awarded to Lesson admins for achieving a collection of ranks in related Spells.
  • These function as academic degree programs and are permanently locked into the system as opposed to Spell Points that can be lost over time from inactivity.
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