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What is a Kindren Saint?
  • This is a massive community service Team & social enterprise given an identifying number from #00 to #99 within its assigned Campus.
  • Each Saint enterprise has a roster of numbered regional subdivisions called Anther Varsities.
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What is an Anther Varsity?
  • This is a regional subdivision within a Kindren Saint Team. Each Varsity is managed by a Captain and assigned a number from #00 to #99 within its Team. It also represents up to 100 of the sponsoring Branch Colleges.
  • Anther Mission Pioneers (or "Anthers/Missioneers") are key members of a Varsity administration who serve as spokespersons for their Varsity. They also help promote resource sharing and goal productivity within the Mission Team.
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What is a Branch College?
  • This is a local subdivision within an Anther Varsity and each Branch is managed by a Dean administrator.
  • Numbered from #00 to #99 under the Varsity's account, a Branch unit also serves as a unified voting bloc and Member support group.
  • Each Branch pledges a pre-set amount of its Voting points to its Varsity to support mission activities.
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Why are there Numbered Spots?
  • Numbered spots are linked together with a 3-letter Campus Code to easily identify a particular sub-divisional unit within the network.
  • For example, an Identity code of "WDC.04.19.36" would correspond to the #36 Branch under the #19 Anther of the #04 Saint Team on the Washington DC Kindren Campus.
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What are Rally Events?
  • These are official gatherings of Saint Teams to serve their community through creative projects, resource sharing, conflict resolutions and/or productive learning workshops.
  • Member groups attending these Events can serve in educational lessons, collaborate their talents or simply share local resources while gaining "Kincentive" Points.
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What are Kincentive Points?
  • These are various Community reward points and collected game data designed to encourage Kindren Tree Teams to invest in their mission goals.
  • Saints, Varsities and Branches each have a different set of achievable reward points but they all interconnect to serve the Kindren Tree mission of social development.
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