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Why should I Enroll?
  • Joining the Kindren Tree mission has many benefits like getting team support through our goal tracking system that helps you achieve your personal, creative or professional goals.
  • Enrollment also allows you to earn Branch and Community incentive points that are designed to encourage everyone to collaborate and explore their full potential.
  • Members can use their points to access the Branch and Community-wide resources shared through goal-supporting projects.
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How do I Enroll?
  • First, browse the Campus Team directories on this website to determine which Member Branch you would like to join.
  • Then, follow the enrollment procedures listed on the "Branch Mission" page, which should be visible from each Branch profile.
  • An enrollment key from the Branch admin is needed to access the membership form. After processing the application, the Branch admin may then add you to their Activity Sheet to track your points and goals.
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