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Grassroots Learning

Specialties & Medals


What is a Grassroots Kindren Tree Education?

Grassroots Learning is an educational lifestyle focused on social development and sharing knowledge. Branch Colleges manage workshops through which participants can earn a variety of points from their cultivation of community skills and talents.

Proficiency in each field is tracked by Aptitude Points (aP) ranging from 1 to 360 for each Specialty Skill category. A Branch College can gain an Aptitude point by having its members serve as the Track Manager (Project Manager role) for an Educational Workshop called a Leaf Lesson.

These Lesson managers can only earn Aptitude Upgrades for their Host Branch College through a registered Learning Project where the focused Specialty Skill ("Spell") field is the workshop's main subject. Also, the Lesson must be attended by other qualifying Branches in order for the hosting College to earn the upgrade.

There are 4 Spell Aptitude Ranking classes based on the number of points collected under a particular Skill:

  • Student (Level 1) - assigned when beginning to learn a skill.
  • Trainee (Level 2) - earned 100 aP Aptitude Pts.
  • Expert (Level 3) - earned 200 aP Aptitude Pts.
  • Professor (Level 4) - earned 300 aP Aptitude Pts.

Saint Teams can earn Aptitude Rankings by having a qualifying number of ranked Anther Varsities in their Team roster. Also, Members within a Branch College can earn Aptitude Points for themselves based on teaching internal workshops.

Spells are grouped under Spelling Day sections that contain related subcategories of skills. This framework is inspired by the MLX story project and it reflects the cyclical nature of our learning method.

From the Spelling Day listing section at the top of this page you can view all available Spells organized by their Day section. The Spell ID number displayed next to each listing is used for administrative processing.

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Lesson Process

The Track Manager is responsible for designing and publishing the Creative Lesson Track, which documents the workshop's goals and results. The following graphic describes the various roles and contributions in the Grassroots Learning system.

The GO-GEDIE system incorporates Grassroots Learning as a cost-effective way to develop human potential while mobilizing members to solve prevalent problems in society.

Spell Aptitude Points may be downgraded over time from inactivity to reflect a loss of skill proficiency. The required number of workshop participants for a Spell upgrade is based on the Host Branch's current Aptitude-level as well as the related ranks of the participants in the subject field.

The following list shows the pre-requirements for the Host Branch of a Track Manager to achieve an Aptitude upgrade.

  • Student (Level 1) - 5 general Branches needed for an Aptitude upgrade.
  • Trainee (Level 2) - 4 Trainee-Level Branches needed for an Aptitude upgrade.
  • Expert (Level 3) - 3 Expert-Level Branches needed for an Aptitude upgrade.
  • Professor (Level 4) - 2 Professor-Level Branches needed for an Aptitude upgrade.

Branches can only gain up to 10 Aptitude points above their Team's current Aptitude mark. This range of restriction is called the Upgrade Zone as it keeps any single Branch from pulling too far away from its peers without working together to upgrade their Team's current Aptitude.

A Saint Team can upgrade its Levels by having at least 3 of its Varsities (through the Anther Branch) achieve Aptitude Points in the Upgrade Zone (1-10 points above the Team's current mark).

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Mission Medals

Mission Medals are permanently awarded to Branches that achieve the qualifying ranks for a set of related Spells. From the Medal Rank listing section at the top of this page you can view all available Medal programs organized by their Spelling Day and Aptitude ranks.

The Medal ID number displayed next to each listing is used for administrative processing. The prerequisite set of Spells is displayed under each Mission Medal's title. The following list explains the difference in how Branches and Saint Teams earn their Medals.

  • Team Medals - earned by having at least 3 Anther Varsities on the Saint Team with the requested Medal rank.
  • Branch Medals - earned by collecting a set of Spell Aptitude ranks in related fields.

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