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Lesson Track

Publishing Format for Educational Workshops


The Lesson Track is the published record of a Learning workshop's objective and results. This information should be posted onto a public social media platform.

The Track Manager ("Lesson Keeper") is charged with organizing this public documentation in addition to managing the overall Lesson. The Campus Haven Council uses the Track as evidence of the workshop's completion in order for community points to be distributed.

There are 3 main sections to the Lesson Track: Intro, Verses and Outro. Each section holds key blocks of information or visuals that illustrate the contents of the Lesson.

This process is otherwise known as "Miracle Musique" because its format is designed like a musical piece to reflect the overall mission of creatively exploring human potential.

I. Intro Section

This Introduction section lays out the goals and general set up for the Lesson.

    Problem and Challenges
  • Briefly describe the problem that this Lesson is trying to address.
  • Backstory - Lists any links or hashtags for other Lessons in the past that relate to the key subjects covered in this current Lesson. This makes it easier for social media followers to connect all of the related Lesson posts.

II. Verses Section

This section covers the activities & findings related to the Lesson.

    Action and Results
  • Briefly describe the activity conducted to tackle the Intro problem and any learned results from this workshop.
  • Visuals - Features at least ONE visual aid in the form of an image or video link to illustrate your actions and/or results.
  • The text description of activity is optional ONLY if a video with its own content description has already been attached.

III. Outro Section

The final section wraps up the Lesson with notes on how the educational subject will be explored in the future.

    Solutions and Future Progress
  • Briefly describes plans for any future developments or possible new goals related to this Lesson.
  • Spinoffs - Lists any new links or hashtags that you will use if future lessons will deviate from the Intro Subject Hashtags.