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Nurturing Potential

Social Development & Goal Support


Our Mission Overview

Kindren Tree is a comprehensive community development program with an integrated team infrastructure, social economy and educational incentives. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate human potential towards an all-inclusive prosperity that leaves no one behind.

We feel the natural creativity of artists along with the passion of social learning can be harvested towards this collective goal while also serving to empower struggling communities around the world.

The following graphic illustrates the toxic "Dire Tree" network that undermines our mission. It also lists the administered layers of teamwork that the Kindren Tree uses in its cooperative efforts to overcome these ailments.

Kindren Tree mission is dedicated to ending 10 major social problems.

Our Kindren Tree mission originated from the themes of spiritual unity found in the MLX Urban Fantasy story project. MLX is a social arts fiction that creatively explores a collaborative approach to solving the "Dire Tree" problems.

Please browse the FAQ for more information about our overall mission and community. The Root Mission page has a more detailed description of the topics mentioned on this introduction page.

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Our Mission Structure

Member Teams have multiple organizational layers and subdivisions with each one having its own variety of educational and social economic incentives. Overall, these mission enterprises function as comprehensive and dynamic support groups for their members.

The following list lays out the social structure of the Kindren Tree network along with the maximum count of members in each layer.

    Team Structure
  • Member Account - basic layer of membership for an individual or group.
  • Kinship Club - small support group for 10 Member Accounts. | Admin: Playmaker
  • Branch College - cooperative community of 100 Member Accounts. | Admin: Dean
  • Anther Varsity - collection of 100 Branches. | Admin: Captain
  • Sanctuary Academy ("Saint") - large mission team of 100 Varsities. | Admin: Principal
  • Creative Campus - expansive area for 100 Saints to conduct their mission service. | Admin: Superintendent

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Resource Sharing Economy

Each Member Team's overall productivity is tracked using a variety of digital incentive points and data called Kincentives. This is the basis for the Kindren Tree's social economy as it sustains all service mission activities.

Participation in registered projects is the measured key to mission success and development in our system. Members are invited to regularly participate in these community workshops and events through any of the following habitual methods:

    Participation Habits
  • Hosting - involves providing venue support by holding a community workshop at your residential or commercial property.
  • Helping - involves providing a helping hand or knowledge resources to perform a key task in a community workshop.
  • Harvesting - involves receiving the benefits of a project's key tasks or performing as the primary subjects of a community workshop.

Active participation allows Members and their various Mission institutions to earn incentive points. This process will then give them access to the community's shared resource collection of available items and activity projects.

Members are challenged to complete activities from the following 4 goal-tracking categories.

    Goal Tracking
  • Health & Social Wellness Goal - Participate in a Wellness or Conflict Management workshop.
  • Community Fellowship Goal - Participate in a resource-sharing workshop for Food, Shelter or Transportation Support.
  • Distinction Goal - Participate in a workshop that publishes a Creative Arts Project.
  • STEP Education Goal - Participate in a workshop that publishes Educational material promoting the community's Grassroots learning system.

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Social Growth & Development

Educational incentives are creatively woven into our skill development workshops as a means to achieve a perpetual cycle of personal and shared growth. Each layer of the Kindren campus structure features team-oriented games and score tracking to support this comprehensive progress.

Mission activities drive the creative movement known as our "Marching Saints". This effort reflects the Saint's collective purpose to inspire growth and development for all Members. Listed below are some of our supportive marches to help Members persevere and prosper in their mission.

    Marching Saints
  • March of the Grade - Evaluate regular progress towards goal success.
  • March of the Blessing - Goal encouragement through endorsed ceremonies.
  • March of the Amity - Personally consult with a coach over any problems.
  • March of the Metrics - Measure overall wellness to detect problems early.

The nurturing relationship of collective support and personal growth is called our Kinempathy connection. Join us as we grow our mission family into a healthy garden of shared progress and prosperity.

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