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Creative Community Solutions

View the Creative Saint Teams in each Kindren Tree Community Campus.

Campus Community

Explore our expansive Campus Network of community service Team Enterprises.
The Kindren Tree Mission is to develop human potential towards an all-inclusive prosperity that leaves no one behind.

Our Mission System

Understand the structures, mechanics & relationships that make up our network.
The Kindren Tree FAQ page gives a simple overview of the social and economic features in the Kindren Tree system.

FAQ Information

Find answers to the most common questions about the Kindren Tree system on our FAQ page.
Grassroots Learning is a creative lifestyle focused on social development and sharing knowledge.

Grassroots Learning

Browse educational categories & read about our social learning system.
The Kindren Tree nurtures healthy lifestyles through the learning strategies of our social development network.

Nurturing Potential

Learn about our community development and goal tracking system.
The Den Rock MLX story is a Social Mission Fantasy project promoting the Kindren Tree mission.

Creative Storytelling

Our community arts project uses fantasy fiction to illustrate mission themes.